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Jewely Pawn Shop in El Sombrante, CA

Get the most ca$h when you bring your gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds to us. The experienced, honest gold appraisers at our jewelry pawn shop in El Sombrante, CA determine the purity of gold every day with amazing accuracy. At KM CASH FOR GOLD INC. in El Sobrante, California, we use a technique of testing your gold which is widely accepted as the one of the quickest and most accurate.

Jewelry Pawn Shop in El Sombrante, CA

Testing for Purity

Correctly determine the exact karat weight when you are selling gold. We use the touchstone method of gold purity testing. Our skilled professionals have used this process for years to precisely determine the difference between 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 20kt, and 24kt gold, platinum, and silver.

Gram for Gram the Best Deal

There is no piece of jewelry too small for our appraisal. We buy rings, chains, coins, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. We use legal scales that are regularly calibrated to determine the exact number of grams of precious metal you are selling. Measuring your gold in grams instead of pennyweight is another way we promise you the best deal for your items.

Highest Price of Gold

Line your pockets with ca$h. Once we have calculated the karat weight and grams of the gold you are selling, we consult the New York Gold Spot to determine the highest current price of gold. Taking into account all three of these numbers, we certify the highest payout for your gold.